Who is God (theory) [HEAVY SPOILERS]Islandboss 

So we all know that god is the guy who gave homeless man his powers, but we know nothing about god! So I recently was reading Mob Pyscho 100 and I saw someone that really resembled God. Dimple. In case you guys don't know who he is i'll sumarise him. High level spirit who want's to be god, because the more supporters he gets the stronger he gets. Recently he was posing as Mob gaining supporters. 

Now a picture of God. Notice the similarities of their skin. Furthermore when dimple was poses as lord psycho helmet, he uses a big ass broccoli as the place where he gathered all his power. Explaining the flowers around God

Please do tell me what you guys think, because i believe it's plausible, and it would explain how god is able to grant powers to random people.
Psycho Helmet