Tome Kurata

Tome Kurata anime

Kurata Tome

Character Info
Kanji 暗田トメ
Romaji Kurata Tome
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Japan Atsumi Tanezaki
English Cherami Leigh [1]
Technical Info
Age 15
Professional Status
Affiliation Spirits and Such Consultation Office
Peppercorn High School
Salt Middle School (former) Telepathy Club (former)
Occupation Student
Manga Chapter 3
Anime Episode 2
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Tome Kurata (暗田トメ, Kurata Tome) is a third-year middle school student and the head of the Telepathy Club. Her goal is to activate the powers of the human mind to communicate with aliens. However, she and her club members usually sit around eating snacks and playing video games instead.


Tome has the appearance of an average middle school girl. Her black hair is kept in a straight bob cut. Her lower eyelashes are noticeably long. She wears Salt Mid's standard sailor uniform.


Tome seems to be a slacker but is passionate about the possibility of using telepathy contact extraterrestrials. However, when the Telepathy Club's research into the matter bears no results, she quickly gives up. When she learns that Mob is an Esper, her passion is revitalised.


Spring of Youth Arc

Tome was introduced when Takenaka quit the Telepathy Club, putting the club in danger of being disbanded for having too few members. She desperately searched for a replacement, but to no avail. When Inugawa brought in Mob as a potential recruit, she made every effort to get him to join, but he didn't. However, the problem was solved when the Body Improvement Club generously offered to share the club room (instead of taking it from the Telepathy Club as planned).

Tome was shocked to learn that Mob was a real Esper. The existence of psychic power gave her hope that she may one day find or become the telepath she had dreamed of. She often takes Mob on "dates", during which they sit on benches and survey passers-by in search of Espers, whom he can recognise on sight. She, along with Inugawa, is now one of Mob's closest friends.

Big Cleanup Arc

Separate Ways Arc

World Domination Arc

Divine Tree Arc




  • "We activate our brains to receive telepathy."[2]


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