• Yoooooo !!
    It's all done, all the chapters have been put up and all the relevant characters that have appeared in the series have character pages XD Guns_blazing.gifRainbow_Rave.gifGuns_blazing.gifRainbow_Rave.gif

    Apart from fleshing out character pages and other pages, I think the next important thing we need to do is make Story Arcs for all the chapters. I'll be honest, I have never done story arcs before so I wouldn't know where to begin... but I've seen that the OnePunch-Man Wiki has story arcs so I assume you'll be able to work something out ???

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    • Woah, nice job. How do you find the time to run so many wikis? The OPM wiki that doesn't have individual pages for the story arcs, we just have the names of the arcs written out and list the chapters that are in them. The name of an arc is usual determined by an event or character, like in OPM we have Alien Conquerors Arc and Sea Monsters Arc. However, it varies series to series, like One Piece arcs are determined by the location, Dressrosa Arc and Marineford Arc. I'll looking into the naming for the story arcs of Mob Psycho.

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    • Cheers bro ! Well, it's easier than you'd think it is (especially if you have someone else running it with you). I'm nothing compared to a wikian called Unok; this guy runs so many wikis it's untrue Explode.gif

      Ahhh okay then, I'll leave the story arcs to you !

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    • MukaiAnimeAv
      I swear character development take an while.
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    • A FANDOM user
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