The Telepathy Club in search of a fifth member

The Telepathy Club (脳感電波部, Nōkandenpabu) is a former club at Salt Middle School. It was founded by Tome Kurata, who served as its president.

After the student council found out that the club did nothing but play video games and eat snacks (as well as someone leaving the club, which left them a person short), the club was disbanded with their club room being granted to the Body Improvement Club instead.[1] However, the Body Improvement Club generously allowed the Telepathy Club to continue meeting in their former club room and, as such, the club miraculously survived being disbanded, although it no longer counted as an official school club.[2]


The Telepathy Club's goal was to telepathically communicate with extraterrestrial beings, though they instead spent their time playing video games and eating snacks instead. However, before the academic year ended, they did end up achieving their original goal with the help of Takenaka and Mob.[3]

Known Members


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