Telekinesis, sometimes refered to as Psychokinesis or (in case of Spirits) Poltergeist Phenomenon is the ability to manipulate matter and objects with the users mind. It's one of the basic psychic powers in the series and was shown by many Espers and Spirits with various usage.


The telekinesis on it's basic level allows the user to create psychic barriers, enchance the users physical abilities and make blasts of mental energy. More skilled espers can manipulate many objects at once, fly, disassemble matter and reconstruct it on a molecular level. In some cases it's even possible to break the defences of other espers in order to ragdoll them. Usually the bigger object, the harder it is to manipulate.

Derived Techniques

Variations of telekinesis
Psychic Barrier
One of more basic techniques. With the use of telekinesis, the user can create a force field around his body to defend against upcoming attacks.
Multi-layered barrier.png
Multi-Layer Psychic Barrier
Advanced version of psychic barrier. The user overlaps multiple barriers at once in order to maximize the defensive capabilities.
Telekinetic Helix.png
Telekinetic Helix
Koyama concentrates and creates bands of psychic energy that wrap around his arms and lead into his fists. This is a passive technique that once activated allows him to penetrate psychic barriers with physical strikes and deal heinous amounts of damage.[1] He normally removes his hoodie before activating this ability.
Energy Bomb.jpg
Energy Bomb
A sub-technique of Telekinetic Helix, Koyama concentrates and revolves his psychic energy around his arm and then attacks with a strong lariat into the target's stomach.[2] He described this as his trump card, though it failed to do much against Mob in his 100% Animosity state besides knock him back and destroy his school uniform.
Air Whip anime.png
Air Whip
Using his hands, the user can create two whips that each have a maximum range of 60 meters; he can freely manipulate their movements simultaneously.[3] His whips are composed of psychic energy and are strong and durable enough rip out and hold trees.[4] Terada discovered this method of utilizing his psychic power when he was young.[5]
Telekinetic Blast
Telekinetic Blast is a psychic technique shown by an unnamed Esper of Claw and later by Teru and the Claw Boss. Using psychic power as an ignition, this technique allows the user to generate and induce explosions of varying power.[6][7]



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