Takeuchi anime3

Takeuchi anime



Personal Details
Status Alive
Race Human
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Esper? Yes
Professional Details
Affiliation Claw (formerly)
Rank Scar (formerly)
Esper Details
Specialisation Super Qigong
Voice Actor Kyle Herbert
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 35
Anime Debut Episode 9

Takeuchi (嶽内, Takeuchi) is an esper and a former member of Claw. He was part of the upper echelon called "Scar".


His face changes whenever he enters battle mode.[1]


Originally arrogant and believing himself to be a special lifeform like the other claw members, he was very confident in winning against Mob. He believes that the relationships of Scar members don't matter much and that everything is fine as long as they do what they need to do when they need to it. After the defeat of Claw's 7th Division, he along with the majority of the others reformed themselves, and he too helped in the battle against the second strongest Super 5 member, Shimazaki.

Ishiguro also comments that not even he can completely read what he's thinking.


He attempts to fight Mob but was defeated before he could make a move.

Powers & Abilities

Takeuchi is a powerful esper, considered by Ishiguro to be one of the Seventh Division's trump cards. As well as his signature Super Qigong, he is also capable of utilising telekinesis.[2]

Super Qigong: He is a user of the miraculous technique that lets him emit an aura of qi from his body.[1] This apparently allows him to fire powerful beams of psychic energy, however it seems to have a charge-up time, as Mob was able to defeat him before Takeuchi was able to attack.



  • Takeuchi shares similar traits to Saitama from One Punch Man (another series by One, the creator of Mob Psycho 100), including the way their faces change in battle from round to defined.


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