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Shinji Kamuro

Character Info
Kanji 神室真司
Romaji Kamuro Shinji
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Relative(s) Takuya Kamuro (brother)
Voice Actor(s) Japan Kōji Yusa
English Doug Erholtz
Professional Status
Affiliation Salt Middle School
Student Council
Occupation Student Council President
Manga Chapter 20
Anime Episode 6
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Shinji Kamuro (神室真司, Kamuro Shinji) is the president of the student council at Salt Middle School.


Shinji New Version.jpg

Shinji's improved appearance

Despite being only slightly older than Ritsu, Shinji has a bit of an older looking appearance. He possesses messy black hair and dark circles under his eyes (most likely due to the stress of the constant criticisms of his family). He wears the Salt Middle male uniform, the typical gakuran outfit with a red armband to showcase his status as president of student council.

After turning over a new leaf and becoming a better person, Kamuro looks more healthy and no longer has the dark circles under his eyes.


Kamuro is a very cunning and arrogant teenager who enjoys the suffering of his classmate's pain to ease his own personal inadequacies at home. However he became terrified when Ritsu's action caused thugs to continuously seek and beat him up. This eventually broke him down and traumatised him, though he has since recovered after seeing the errors of his ways.

After the 'Big Cleanup' incident, Shinji has become more responsible, and tries to make up to the people he had wronged.


Shinji is the second child of the noble Kamuro family. However, he wasn't treated like an equal family member by his parents and older brother because he didn't have any kind of talent in any field. The failings of living up to his family's expectations made Shinji fall into constant despair, and do unethical acts in order to escape that reality.


Big Cleanup Arc

Along with Ritsu, Kamuro framed Tenga Onigawara for stealing female classmates' flutes and lied to the classroom that Onigawara was a pervert. With the start of the big cleanup, he blackmailed the other delinquents into line with similar tactics. However, Ritsu sees Kamuro enjoying the suffering and spiralling downfall of his victims.

He is later attacked by bullies who think he is White-T Poison. After being beaten, he realizes his mistakes and changes his appearance.

Mob's Girlfriend Mini-Arc

He resigns from his position as Student Council President, but he after talking the decision over with Tokugawa and Ritsu, he decides to participate in election for the same position. He wins and becomes President again.

Powers & Abilities

Shinji possesses no known supernatural powers.

Aside from being known as talentless by his family's standards, Shinji has been shown to have exceptional leadership skills that allowed him to become president of his student council committee.



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