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Shinji Kamuro

Character Info
Kanji 神室真司
Romaji Kamuro Shinji
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Relative(s) Takuya Kamuro (brother)
Voice Actor(s) Japan Kōji Yusa
English Doug Erholtz
Professional Status
Affiliation Salt Middle School
Student Council
Occupation Student Council President
Manga Chapter 20
Anime Episode 6
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Shinji Kamuro (神室真司, Kamuro Shinji) is the president of the student council at Salt Middle School.


Shinji New Version.jpg

Shinji's improved appearance

Shinji has messy black hair and dark circles under his eyes from a lack of sleep, likely resulting from both the stress put on him from his family's high expectation and the fact that he doesn't have a comfortable place to sleep, and likely uses trash bags in place of a bed.. He wears the typical Salt Mid male uniform, a black gakuran, as well as a red armband to show his status as a student council member.

After turning over a new leaf and becoming a better person, Kamuro looks healthier, his eye bags not nearly as prominent as they used to be. His hair is nicely trimmed, likely as an another sign that he started taking better care of himself.


When he is introduced, Kamuro is shown to be a very cunning and arrogant teenager who enjoys the suffering of his classmates, since it helps him cope with the problems he faces at home. He has low self esteem due to being constantly put down by his parents, who measure all of his achievements and failings up against those of his genius older brother, and makes up for the feeling of powerlessness by exercising authoritarian rule over Salt Middle School.

After the Big Cleanup, with Tokugawa's help, he becomes more responsible and a better leader. With his family now on his side, he gains a higher opinion of himself, and no longer has to put others down to cope.


Shinji is the second child of the Kamuro family. However, he wasn't treated like an equal family member by his parents and older brother because he didn't have any kind of talent in any field. The failings of living up to his family's expectations made Shinji fall into constant despair, and do unethical acts in order to escape that reality.


Big Cleanup Arc

Along with Ritsu, Kamuro framed Tenga Onigawara for stealing female classmates' flutes and lied to the classroom that Onigawara was a pervert. With the start of the big cleanup, he blackmailed the other delinquents into line with similar tactics.

He is later attacked by delinquents who think he is White-T Poison. However, Ritsu has seen Kamuro enjoy the suffering of his victims, which made him lose any sympathy he may have had for Kamuro, leading to Ritsu refusing to help. After being thoroughly beaten, with no one at his side, he comes to realize his mistakes. He is able to finally gain his family's support, and makes an effort to better himself in the future.

Mob's Girlfriend Mini-Arc

He resigns from his position as student council president, but after talking the decision over with Tokugawa and Ritsu, decides to participate in the re-election. He wins, becoming the president again.

Powers & Abilities

Shinji possesses no known supernatural abilities.



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