Odor Sniffer

Character Info
Kanji 匂い嗅ぎ
Romaji Nioikagi
Alias Scent-Ghoul
Odor Sniffer (manga)
Race Spirit
Gender Male Male
Status Exorcised
Professional Status
Affiliation Highso Private Girls' Academy
Manga Chapter 56
Anime Episode 2
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Scent-Ghoul (匂い嗅ぎ Nioikagi) was a spirit who appeared and made his home terrorizing the students at Highso Private Girls' Academy.


He was a huge bespectacled ghost with a blotchy green form.


In life he was a loser, and as a ghost he was an unrestrained pervert. He also had a fondness for nice smelling girls. When threatened, he became enraged for Mob interfering with his hobby.


While alive, as a youth, he was a loser who got nervous around girls. After becoming a ghost, he became content with life as an evil spirit and lived for himself.


He terrorised the girls at Highso Private Girls' Academy, peeking on them in toilets and moving around their bra and panties.[1] Mari and Chihiro then hired Reigen and Mob to get rid of him. After Mob trapped him in the basketball court, Scent-Ghoul attacked but was effortlessly repelled and then destroyed.[2] As he was fading away, he likened Mob to himself and asked if Mob if he was living life to the fullest.[3]

Powers & Abilities

Like a typical evil spirit, Scent-Ghoul was capable of performing Poltergeist Phenomenom, being able to physically interact with the environment.


  • In the anime adaptation, after being exorcised, Scent-Ghoul asks Mob if he was living every day to the fullest. However, due to his appearance being much later in the manga, this question was originally asked by Hikaru Tokugawa.


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