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Salt Middle School (塩中学校, Shio chūgakkō) is one of the many middle schools in Seasoning City.


Salt Middle School provides the students with a club room and a budget. However, the rules for creating such a club say that there must be at least 5 members, and students cannot simultaneously participate in more than one club.[1] If the club has fewer than 5 members, and no new members join, the student council will abolish the club and give the club room to the next club that needs it.

The school has several clubs, such as:


Like a few other middle schools in Seasoning City, Salt Middle School has its own gang. Its leader was Onigawara until he decided to better himself and join the Body Improvement Club. The gangs are very territorial and will fight other middle school gangs in order to put them in their place or to show their power.

Known Students[]

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