Ritsu Kageyama

Ritsu World Domination Outfit


Character Info
Kanji 影山律
Romaji Kageyama Ritsu
Race Human (Esper)
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Relative(s) Mr. Kageyama (father)
Mrs. Kageyama (mother)
Shigeo Kageyama (brother)
Voice Actor(s) Japan Miyu Irino
English Max Mittelman[1]
Technical Info
Birth Date 2nd July[2][3]
Age 13[2]
Height 159.4cm[2]
Weight 45.0kg[2]
Blood Type B[2][3]
Professional Status
Affiliation Salt Middle School
Salt Mid. Student Council
Awakening Lab (former)
Occupation Student
Manga Chapter 10
Anime Episode 1
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Ritsu Kageyama (影山律, Kageyama Ritsu) is a first-year student at Salt Middle School and the younger brother of the main protagonist, Mob.


Ritsu design layout

Ritsu's Design

Ritsu has black hair that is slightly longer than Mob's and appears slightly dishevelled. His school uniform is a black gakuran tsume-eri outfit with the top having a standing collar buttoning down from top-to-bottom. His eyes are much more expressive than his brother's, with his irises being slightly larger. Despite being younger than Mob, Ritsu is slightly taller than him.


Ritsu is very clever and serves on the student council. He excels in academics and everything else he tries, but none of that matters to him as much as psychic power. Before he awoke his own psychic powers, he longed for the esper abilities his brother has always had and was frustrated by his own inability to do things like bend spoons. He may have a habit of carrying spoons around with him, for bending purposes. He is a perfectionist with a not-so-hidden dark side. Unlike Mob, he finds it okay to use psychic violence against people when necessary. His brother is more important to him than anyone or anything else. He is apparently serious but can be quite jumpy at times.[2]


Big Cleanup Arc

Ritsu went to the Awakening Lab after Mitsuura mistook him for Mob. He was relieved to find that the teen espers there did not have very impressive psychic abilities.

Ritsu took part in Kamuro's Big Cleanup plan, performing such immoral deeds as planting evidence and blatantly pretending to find the evidence he planted. Onigawara was one of those most brutally victimised. His guilt accumulated to overwhelming levels and led directly to his psychic awakening. He encountered Dimple when the latter was loitering in front of the Kageyama residence. After some convincing, Ritsu let Dimple possess him, but Dimple was too weak to fully take control. With the help of Dimple's fine-tuning, Ritsu was able to control his new psychic power. He used it to bend a ton of spoons, beat up a ton of delinquents, and impress everyone at the Awakening Lab.

Ritsu met Teru and was more intimidated by the latter's tall wig than by his psychic power, even though Teru would have won a fight between them. Later, when Ritsu was beating up some delinquents, Teru brought Mob over to stop him. Ritsu said terrible things to Mob, however Mob forgave him. Koyama appeared, tried to kidnap Ritsu, got severely injured by Mob, and successfully kidnapped Ritsu.

7th Division Arc

Ritsu and the Awakening Lab kids escaped from their cell at the 7th branch of Claw. They were in the middle of escaping the facility when they encountered Sho. Ritsu told the others to go on without him. They went on without him, and Ritsu immediately got his ass kicked. Mob soon found him unconscious, and both of them ended up being held captive in a room that nullified psychic powers. During the rest of the night's events, all Ritsu did was make observations and take a kidney punch from Muraki.

Ritsu and Kamuro later apologised to Onigawara and the other victims of the Big Cleanup.[4]

World Domination Arc

Ritsu noticed Mob was training hard for the school marathon, so he did some of his brother's assigned chores. Ritsu ended up placing 9th in the marathon. That night, Sho appeared at his front door, convinced Ritsu and his parents to leave, and proceeded to set their house on fire.

When Claw set their world domination plan in motion, Ritsu accompanied Sho on his mission to take down his father.

 ???% Arc

Powers & Abilities

Ritsu is very athletic, being good at sports and sprints; apparently he is quite a fast runner. [3] He is also an academically accomplished student. Being known on the honor roll and currently in student council. He was noted by Shinji to be one of the smartest in the nation for his age.

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Ritsu fusing with Dimple

Interestingly, he is able to overcome Dimple's control during possession and can instead use him to help better channel his latent psychic powers. Once Ritsu is able to access his psychic powers thanks to Dimple, it's revealed that Ritsu possesses tremendous potential that he still has yet to fully access. He eventually becomes less reliant on Dimple and is a proficient esper, able to perform simple yet efficient techniques such as telekinesis and creating barriers. His psychic aura is blue, similar to his brother Mob's.

Ritsu's Abilities
Ritsu is proficient in telekinesis. He is able to send people and objects flying with psychic power. At first he required Dimple's influence to achieve this, but has since outgrown that.
Ritsu 100%
Similar to Mob's Progress Towards Explosion, Ritsu also possesses a hidden percentage that crawls up towards 100%. It is activated for the first time when he is desperately trying to reason with ???%, and temporarily gives Ritsu tremendous psychic powers that rival even his brother Mob's. He claims that the experience is exhausting.[5]


  • Catchphrase: "In order to grow up"[2]
  • "Care to enlighten me?"
  • "That's so low..."
  • "This game will keep running because I am letting it run."
  • "Make me approach my brother's level. Can you do that?"
  • "Dimple... you're really annoying. Say... If I can gain control of this power... can I get rid of you too?"
  • "I do not accept losing to anyone besides my big brother."
  • "Because I'm sick of myself. I just wanted to... feel the 'foolishness' of myself. And to create a new self. Me, as a fool."[6]
  • "I will not judge you people. Because I know now... When people stray from the right path, there usually isn't an actual reason. It's like that even now. I'm facing enemies that lost all will to fight, and I'm moving for the sake of violence. There's no actual reason... This kind of freedom is strong, I'm much freer than all of you... Why? Because I've lost my limits. I've obtained loss!"

Notes & Trivia

  • Ritsu's hobby is writing in his diary.[2]
  • His favourite foods are tofu and boiled pork and his least favourite food is pork feet.[2]
  • Apparently he barely listens to music but his favourite movie genre is human dramas.[2]
  • Despite being hard to get close to, Ritsu has a lot of secret fans.[3]


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