The Psycho Helmet Cult is a fanatical group that was seeking out Shigeo Kageyama under the assumption that he is a god.


After the (LOL) Cult that was lead by Lord Dimple was disbanded by Mob, many of the former cultists banded together in search of the boy who displayed seemingly godlike powers. Thus the Psycho Helmet Cult was formed. Mezato got involved in the cult's growth because she wants to make things more interesting.

When the Divine Tree appears the Psycho Helmet Cult is one of the many religious groups that latches onto it and believes it to be a sign of their god, Psycho Helmet. Their powerful belief results in the manifestation of a real being called Psycho Helmet from within the tree, which Dimple uses to regain his followers.

They received large donation from Minori Asagiri's father.

Notes and Trivia

  • The only member(?) of the cult who knows their leader's true identity is Mezato.
  • Despite being the group's iconic figurehead, Mob is not interested in leading the cult.
    • Later in the series, Psycho Helmet became the leader of the cult soon after the Divine Tree's popularity skyrocketed.


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