Nozomu Hatori

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Character Info
Kanji 羽鳥希
Romaji Hatori Nozomu
Race Human (Esper)
Gender Male.png Male
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Hamano Daiki
Professional Status
Affiliation Claw (former)
Ultimate 5 (former)
Manga Chapter 79
Anime Episode 21
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Nozomu Hatori (羽鳥希, Hatori Nozomu) is a powerful Esper and a former member of the terrorist organisation Claw as part of the Ultimate 5.


Hatori has messy brown hair and wears thin-rimmed rectangular glasses. He wears a light-colored jumper on top of a white dress shirt and black pants and shoes. He was the shortest of the Ultimate 5.


Hatori using his drones

Hatori is a smug figure who relishes in his position of power in the Ultimate 5. He enjoys using his psychic powers and treats the machines he can control like oversized toys. However, he is not very capable in battle himself and relies on his allies for that.


World Domination Arc

Hatori first appears behind Suzuki at a large Claw meeting. He uses his powers to hijack every TV channel in the city and broadcast Suzuki's message to them all. Later on, he is seen at the Culture Tower in Seasoning City, defending their hideout from news helicopters and any potential missiles that get too close to the tower.

Hatori stops a news helicopter's approach

When Sho later gets into the tower, Hatori encounters him with his drones and taunts him. However, Sho deals with him by quickly ducking behind him and getting him in a German suplex.[1]

He is later seen when Suzuki and Mob begin their climactic battle, he and Minegishi arriving to help protect the Ultimate 5 and the others from the chaos.[2]

He is seen to have been employed by a computer support and service company. He is stressed out from taking customer complaints and relieves stress on message boards.[3]

Powers & Abilities

While not especially suited for combat, Hatori was still one of the most powerful members of Claw, evident by his inclusion in the Ultimate 5. His psychic aura took on a golden color with diagonal line patterns within.

Hatori's Abilities
Hatori is an esper with the psychic ability to control electronic equipment and signals at will, a power he doesn't understand himself.[4] While it doesn't have much in terms of direct battle strength, he makes up for it with the flexibility of his power. He is able to jam signals and disable electronics in a wide circumference, preventing the media from recording their actions. He was able to hijack every channel on TV simultaneously[4] and was effortlessly able to usurp control of news helicopters.[5] In direct battles, he controls several robotic drones with rotary blades.[6]


  • "I feel bad for you, you've come so far. But I'm your opponent now."[6]
  • "You're in big trouble Minegishi! You've made the boss mad!"


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