Mr. Kageyama

Mr kageyama


Character Info
Alias Dad/Father (by Ritsu and Mob)
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Relative(s) Mrs. Kageyama (wife)
Ritsu Kageyama (son)
Shigeo Kageyama (son)
Voice Actor(s) Japan Yoshinori Muto
Manga Chapter 25
Anime Episode 1
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Mr. Kageyama is the father of Mob and Ritsu, and the husband of Mrs. Kageyama.


Mr. Kageyama is a middle-aged man with mild peach fuzz and short black hair. He often sports a light brown long-sleeved shirt and khaki pants.


Mr. Kageyama is a typically affectionate father who cares about his family. He took time off of work to watch his sons run in their school race. It is said by Shigeo that he can be strict at times, but he is strong and reliable. Despite seeming to know that Shigeo has psychic powers, for some reason, he never asks his son about his powers or if any accidents have ever occurred with his psychic powers.


Spring of Youth Arc

Mr. Kageyama first appeared when he and his family were having dinner. When Mrs. Kageyama scolds Mob for bending his spoon again, Mr. Kageyama tells his wife to lay off the child and that he's simply going through puberty.

7th Division Arc

Mr. Kageyama appears again at the dinner table with his family, and yet again, he tells his wife to not be so hard on Shigeo for bending spoons.

World Domination Arc

Mr. Kageyama appears alongside his wife to support their children at the school race. When Mrs. Kageyama recommends they watch from the midpoint of the race due to Shigeo's weak body, he agrees. When their elder son passes by, he encourages him to keep it up.

After the race, he returned home with his wife and younger son and noted his wife's happy mood due to Ritsu placing 9th place in the race and Shigeo doing his best. When Sho comes to the door, Ritsu convinces them he entered a Hot Springs Hotel lottery and won them two tickets to a very nice hotel, where they spent the night while the events in Seasoning City played out.

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