On the Mob Psycho 100 Wiki we encourage users to cite and reference any information that is added.

Every content page should have references and citations. As such, if a page does not have a "References" heading, add it and as well as the references tag below it. This is the references tag: → <references/> ←

How To Cite and Reference

On this wiki, instead of using normal reference tags ( → <ref></ref> ← ) to cite information, we use the {{Qref}} template instead. This template can be used in order to make quick references to a chapter, episode or omake of Mob Psycho 100.



Shortened parameters are also available:


The order of priority of the sources is the following:

  1. Chapter & Episode
  2. Omake & Episode
  3. Other
  4. Text only (free source)
  • Volume
  • "Chapter2" and "Episode2" are optional parameters that allow for chapter and episode ranges to be referenced. These should be only be used where absolutely necessary.
  • "Page" is an optional parameter that goes with Chapter and Volume.
  • "Name" is an optional parameter allowing to tag the note for it to be referred again later.


Anime and Manga reference

Reigen's special technique, Salt Splash.{{qref|name=ss|chapter=1|episode=1|text=Reigen's first seen special technique.}}

Reigen's special technique, Salt Splash.[1]
Manga only reference

Mob's job earnings.{{qref|name=job|chapter=2|text=What Mob earns as a Paranormal Counselling assistant.}}

Mob's job earnings.[2]
Anime only reference

Mob's father's views on spoon bending.{{qref|name=spoons|episode=1|text=Mob's father says spoon bending is just part of puberty.}}

Mob's father's views on spoon bending.[3]
Free reference

ONE is actually a very good artist.{{qref|name=one|text=Link to ONE's other works.}}

ONE is actually a very good artist.[4]

Unnamed references are also possible (if you do not intend to create multiple page references linked to the same source):
bla bla bla bla{{qref|chapter=13|text=some text}}

bla bla bla bla[5]
Multiple reference

When one wants to refer again to an already existing reference, the only necessary argument is the name: Another reference to Mob's job{{qref|name=job}}

Another reference to Mob's job[2]


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Problems With Referencing?

If you come across any problems while referencing or have any suggestions to improve the way we reference information, speak to Demotivator and he will try to solve and facilitate the problem!

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