Miyagawa anime2


Character Info
Kanji 宮蛾輪
Romaji Miyagawa
Race Human (Esper)
Gender Male Male
Status Unknown
Voice Actor(s) Japan Anri Katsu
English Ben Diskin
Professional Status
Affiliation Claw's 7th Division (former)
Occupation Scar (former)
Manga Chapter 35
Anime Episode 9
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Miyagawa (宮蛾輪, Miyagawa) is an esper and a former member of Claw. He was part of the upper echelon called "Scar".


Miyagawa has a narrow head, spiky vertical hair, distinct cheekbones and a scar across his right eyebrow. He has noticeably sharp fingernails that are painted a dark colour. He wears a sleeveless tank top with normal pants.


Miyagawa is condescending and overly confident in his ability. He is also extremely violent and psychotic, reveling at the idea of roasting his enemies alive.


7th Division Arc

Miyagawa was introduced taunting and butting heads with Koyama for the latter losing to Mob.[1] During Mob and Teru's invasion of the 7th Division, he attacked Teru and taunted the middle schooler with the threat of high-temperature torture, but ended up practically incinerating himself after being trapped within Teru's barrier.[2] He has not been seen since and is presumably recovering from his injuries from his fight with Teru.

Powers & Abilities

Miyagawa's Ability
Miyagawa is able to psychokinetically generate and control large volumes of extremely high temperature fire.[2] Psychic barriers can keep the flames themselves at bay, but not the heat generated from them. Miyagawa's preferred tactic against other espers is to present them with a sadistic choice: lower their barrier and be burnt to cinders, or keep it up and be roasted alive from the heat that accumulates within. He is also heat resistant to a degree, being able to survive being reduced to ashes by his own flames, however he still ended up being seriously burnt.[3]


  • "Are you the brat who beat Koyama? Then I shall... reduce you to ashes."[4]


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