Matsuo anime


Personal Details
Status Alive
Race Human
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Esper? Yes
Professional Details
Affiliation Claw (formerly)
Rank Scar (formerly)
Esper Details
Specialisation Evil Spirit Control
Voice Actors
Seiyū Ryūnosuke Watanuki
Voice Actor Greg Chun[1]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 39
Anime Debut Episode 10

Matsuo (魔津尾, Matsuo) is an esper and a former member of Claw. He was part of the upper echelon called "Scar".


Matsuo has untidy black hair, prominent lips, and a vertical scar passing through his right eye. He wears a grey collared shirt, a black jacket, dark pants, and a black belt that holds a large number of capsules.


Matsuo usually has an eerily calm demeanour, but he can get very dramatic when provoked. People around him tend to find him creepy. He keeps evil spirits as pets and names them cute things like "Cookie-chan".


In Matsuo's first appearance, he confronted Dimple and tried to defeat him with his pet spirits. Matsuo fell for Dimple's clever ruse, but after revealing that he was carrying at least 10 evil spirits, he defeated Dimple and trapped him in a container with other ravenous ghosts.

Later, he attempted to attack Mob and Reigen with five evil spirits, which Mob exorcised immediately, and the especially strong evil spirit Candy-chan, which was eventually exorcised by Reigen. In the end, Matsuo was defeated by Dimple in one hit.

After the 7th Division of Claw was disbanded, Matsuo tried to make a living as a psychic. By coincidence, he ended up working alongside Reigen and Mob at the Asagiri mansion. While witnessing the chaos of evil spirit of Keiji Mogami in possession of Minori Asagiri, Matsuo gave Dimple a power boost at a critical moment.[2] After Mogami was exorcised, Matsuo captured him in a vial and named him "Pudding-chan", apparently unaware of who he was treating like a pet.

Matsuo reappeared when Mob was fighting Minegishi. He dropped a sticker-covered container after getting punched and, despite his warnings, a Claw lackey opened the container and released Mogami, inadvertently leading to Minegishi's defeat.

Powers & Abilities

Matsuo is able to capture and control evil spirits. He captures them by weakening them with his existing spirits before sealing them in a vessel fed with his own power; they soon obey his every command.[3] He can also send them some of his energy in order to boost their strength.[2] He doesn't seem to be able to put up a shield-like barrier common to most espers and, as such, is exceptionally weak by himself in combat.

Matsuo had a number of evil spirits in his arsenal that include(d) but isn't limited to:

  • Cookie-chan, a humanoid quadruped with a very large head filled with innumerable eyes and a large gaping maw. Cookie-chan always gets excited when it sees stray spirits and, because it is so ravenous, it jumps at everything gaining a new eye every time.[4]
  • Gum-chan, a small eight-legged lizard-like spirit with skeletal teeth and four wings.[5]
  • Chocolate-chan, a cyclopean octopus spirit. Matsuo reckons it is a female as, when she finds a good looking guy, she sticks to his back and gradually drains him of his life force until she comes back with a happy satisfied look.[6]
  • Whipped Cream-chan, a spirit with a man's head on top of multiple spider-like legs.[7]
  • Candy-chan, a bulky humanoid spirit with multiple heads, multiple arms, a large face on its chest and a similar smaller face around it groin area; it constantly bleeds from every eye and mouth on its body. Candy-chan is the most powerful evil spirit from Matsuo's venom jar and is so reckless that it can't be let out with Matsuo's other spirits, lest they get eaten.[8]


  • "How about you become my pet?"[9]
  • "You are the one who is looking down on me. Who told you I only keep two pets?"[10]

Notes & Trivia

  • Matsuo has an incessant urge to capture powerful evil spirits whenever he sees one.[3]
  • If he focuses on one evil spirit too much, it makes the others jealous (and can lead to spirits cannibalising each other). Matsuo does not mind this though.[11]