Kaito Shiratori

Kaito Shiratori anime2

Kaito Shiratori

Personal Details
Status Alive
Race Human
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Esper? Yes
Esper Details
Specialisation Telepathy[1]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 22
Anime Debut Episode 6

Kaito Shiratori (白鳥海斗 Shiratori Kaito) is an esper, the twin brother of Daichi Shiratori, and one of the children who was invited to the Awakening Lab.


Much like his twin, Kaito wears glasses, has thick eyebrows and sports quite a dull expression. He is the twin with angular, square features.



He is the younger twin.


He and the rest of the Awakening Lab are taken by Sakurai.

Powers & Abilities

Kaito shares the psychic power of telepathy with his twin brother Daichi. While initially only able to perfectly read each other's minds, under Teruki's tutelage, they can now also read the minds of the other people by combining their powers.



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