Jun Sagawa

Jun Sagawa anime

Jun Sagawa

Character Info
Kanji 佐川純
Romaji Sagawa Jun
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Japan Seiichiro Yamashita
English Bill Rogers[1]
Technical Info
Age 14
Professional Status
Affiliation Salt Middle School
Body Improvement Club
Occupation Student
Club President
Manga Chapter 4
Anime Episode 2
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Jun Sagawa (佐川純, Sagawa Jun) is a student of Salt Middle School and the new president[2] of the Body Improvement Club.


Unlike most of the Body Improvement club who are very tall, he's half the size of them, making him the second shortest member of the club. Despite his short size compared to the other members, he still very muscular. He has flat, gray hair.


Jun has an interest in animals, which caused him to desire to become a veterinarian.

Like Mob, he usually isn't a very expressive person.


Teruki Hanazawa Arc

Like the rest of the club, he attacked Black Vinegar middle school to save Mob, but was easily defeated by Teruki.

Separate Ways Arc

He parties to celebrate Kijibayashi's birthday and Mob's physical improvement.

World Domination Arc

He place 7th in the marathon.

He and the rest of the club attempt to defend Mob from Hiroshi, but is unable to defeat him.


He is revealed to have become the new president of the Body Improvement Club after Musashi and the others graduated.

Jun Sagawa test scores

Jun's test scores (in order: Japanese, Math, Sociology, Science, and English)

Jun Sagawa stats

Powers & Abilities

Like most of the Body Improvement club he has significantly above average strength.

Despite the fact The Body Improvement club almost flunked the school, Jun is actually highly intelligent, as he was able to score 100, 100, 99, 98, 100 in Japanese, Math, Sociology, Science and English exams respectively. In fact, his grades were the only reason the Body Improvement club was able to remain active at all.[3]



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