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Ishiguro (遺志黒, Ishiguro) is an esper and a member of former criminal organisation Claw. He was part of the upper echelon called "Scar" and was the leader of the 7th Division.


Ishiguro's face revealed

Ishiguro's diminutive figure is distinguished by his creepy black suit and black gas mask. For a very long time, his gender was ambiguous as he never took off his mask and used a voice changer to make himself sound like a little girl. Underneath his mask, he is shown to be an old man whose face is covered in countless scars from challenging the boss of Claw.


Ishiguro is a strong advocate in the belief that his psychic power makes him a much stronger and more advanced being than normal humans. He refuses to be challenged in this belief and goes into murderous frenzies in an attempt to get his way, as shown when he was called out by an empowered Arataka Reigen.[2] Despite his advanced age, he is extremely childish, as he believes that just because he has psychic powers, the world should bow down to him and worship him. This also manifests in his choice of attire, which he wears presumably to make himself seem more mysterious, impressive and intimidating. Like many Scar members, he is incredibly arrogant and believes that his powers have no equal.


Before the start of the story, Ishiguro and his fellow Scar members challenged Toichiro Suzuki, but due to the latter's massive psychic power, Ishiguro lost. While their psychic powers still made them useful to Claw, Suzuki punished the rebellious party by giving all of them scars. Ishiguro received so many scars on his face that he wore a gas mask to hide them.


7th Division Arc

He attempts to crush Mob with his powers, until Reigen dropkicks him. He then attempts to kill Mob and the others with a black hole he created, before deciding not to, since he would have destroyed the building if he continued. He fought against an empowered Reigen but was defeated. Unable to agree with Reigen's words to stop being so childish, he attempted a final stand but was smashed into the ground by Sho and he is presumed dead.

Powers & Abilities

As a division leader of Claw, Ishiguro is a talented esper. He can utilize telekinesis to create psychic waves[3] and barriers or gain a limited form of flight[4]. His durability is good enough to survive being pushed through a thick wall by a gratitude-enhanced Reigen without suffering any damage[5]. Ishiguro's true specialty is the manipulation of gravity in a number of different ways. His psychic aura takes on a red color with vertical lines running through it.

Ishiguro's Abilities
Gravity Manipulation
Ishiguro can directly manipulate the force of gravity around a specific person, object, or location. This power was strong enough to even bring Mob to his knees.
Black Orbs
Using his power over gravitational force, Ishiguro is able to generate a large number of miniature pseudo-black holes.[6][7] These spheres swallow and obliterate everything on contact with them,[8][9] but as they are not true black holes, a skilled enough psychic can negate them or even reverse them. Their absorption capacity is limited, as seen when Mob's psychic aura proves to be so immense that the orbs fizzle out upon coming in contact with it, unable to absorb so much power.
Five Hundred Kilogram Tackle
Ishiguro sharply increases his own gravity to bring his mass to 500kg, then charges at his opponent with a full body tackle. In the manga, it was 2000kg.[10]
One Ton Punch
After increasing the mass of his fist(s) to a metric ton, Ishiguro assaults his opponent with his fists. In the anime it was a single attack, while in the manga this attack consists of multiple punches at 500kg.[11]
Two Ton Guillotine
After increasing the mass of his arms to two metrics tons, Ishiguro chops his opponent at the neck with immense gravitational force. In the manga, it was more of a stranglehold with a weight of 1000kg.[11]


  • (To Reigen) "Unlike you, I constantly aim higher. I want to climb up. Using my own hands, I'm gonna change the world..."[12]
  • "I am this great! Even so! Why are you not acknowledging it? To the world, I am a special being, so treat me like one!"[13]


  • Ishiguro means "will, dying wish" (遺志) (ishi) and "black" (黒) (kuro/guro).

Notes & Trivia

  • Ishiguro shares his color and pattern of psychic aura with Terada.
  • Interestingly, Ishiguro's gravity manipulation appears to have more of a pushing down effect than the pulling effect natural gravity would have, making it questionable if he is truly manipulating gravity or just using advanced telekinesis.


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