Hiroshi Kumagawa

Hiroshi Kumagawa anime2

Hiroshi Kumagawa2

Personal Details
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 14
Esper? No
Professional Details
School Salt Middle School
Club Body Improvement Club
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 4
Anime Debut Episode 2

Hiroshi Kumagawa (隈川弘, Kumagawa Hiroshi) is part of the Body Improvement Club and a student of Salt Middle School.


Hiroshi Kumagawa stats

Kumagawa's stats

Kumagawa is a tall and muscular teenager with a tall light-coloured Mohican, no visible eyebrows but a distinctive eyebrow ridge. He wears the typical white t-shirt and dark shorts of his club.


Kumagawa is a determined student and appears to be the second voice among the Body Improvement Club. He is apparently quite industrious outside of school, having a good amount of work experience. Kumagawa is also apparently quite good at art and has a high level of knowledge about anabantid.


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Powers & Abilities

Hiroshi Kumagawa test scores

Kumagawa's test scores (in order: Japanese, Math, Sociology, Science, and English)

Kumagawa is extremely muscular and physically strong for his age, which enables him to effortlessly overpower and defeat many others of his age-group.[1] He is no match for an Esper however.

Kumagawa has above average grades and seems to be relatively smart, getting decent scores in his tests, his highest being in Science.[2]


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