Hikaru Tokugawa

Tokugawa anime

Hikaru Tokugawa

Character Info
Kanji 徳川光
Romaji Tokugawa Hikaru
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Japan Yoshitsugu Matsuoka[1]
English David Vincent[2]
Professional Status
Affiliation Salt Middle School
Student Council
Occupation Student Council Vice President
Manga Chapter 3
Anime Episode 2
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Hikaru Tokugawa (徳川光, Tokugawa Hikaru) is the vice president of the Salt Middle School student council.


Tokugawa's hair is nicely combed; so nicely, in fact, that other students, such as Inukawa, take notice. He wears a plain Salt Middle School boys' uniform, and has a red armband on his left arm, which signifies that he is a member of the student council.


Tokugawa is a serious boy with a clear passion for academics. He acts as an enforcer of the school rules, and is shown to willingly spend free time studying. His speech is formal, and his phrasing tends to be on the passive-aggressive side.

His biggest strength seems to be his ability to give others life advise and guidance, such as the time he lectured Mob about the importance of making his own choices in the Telepathy Club arc. He appears to believe that others have a right to decide what they want in life, regardless of whether or not he agrees with them.


It is implied that he knows Kamuro well, and has visited his house before.


Spring of Youth Arc

Seeing how quick his arrival was from the time of Takenaka's resignation, he has likely been waiting for the opportunity to put an end to the Telepathy Club for a while, and finally got his chance when they no longer met the minimal amount of members required. The main reason he gives for his dislike of the club are that despite not doing anything productive, they get a monthly budget of 2,000 yen like the other clubs. However, he also appears to be worried that, given enough time, they may try something dangerous, and would like to disband the club before that happens. Judging by how quickly the Telepathy Club's room had been given away to a different club, there is also likely a shortage of club rooms at Salt Middle School, giving Tokugawa even less reasons to tolerate the Telepathy Club's existence.

Tokugawa volunteered to show the Body Improvement Club around the club room, even leaving the student council meeting early for this specific purpose. When meeting Mob, he questions the boy about his personal life, as well as reasons why he wants to join the club. When he finds out that Mob doesn't have any real reasons for why he wants to join, Tokugawa tells Mob that he shouldn't let others pressure him into doing their bidding, and that he should make his own choices in life — however, if he does truly wants to join the club, Tokugawa won't stop him.

Big Cleanup Arc

Tokugawa is shown to be against the idea of the Big Cleanup, and especially against dragging Ritsu Kageyama, who is only in his first year, into something so morally dubious.

Mob's Girlfriend Mini-Arc

Tokugawa is angry with Kamuro over his choice to resign without telling the rest of the student council, and believes that he should run for president again in the re-election, so that he can make amends for his mistakes, rather than run away from the responsibility.

Broccoli Arc

Tokugawa is shown to be skeptical of the Broccoli religion, and is against changing the school's schedule to add five minutes of time for prayer.


  • (To the Telepathy Club) “You call this oppression? You people are incredible."[3]
  • (To the Telepathy Club) “Today is likely your final day. How disgraceful to end it munching chips."[3]
  • (To Mob) “If you want to join this club of your own free will, go ahead. However, you should carefully think this through: what is it you really want to do with your life?”[4]


  • Tokugawa has an entire blacklist of dubious student clubs, which includes: Telepathy Club, Leg Shaving Club, Just Reading Manga Club, Argument Club, Pickup Artist Club, and Tsubomi Fan Club.
  • Tokugawa was on the Mob Psycho 100 Valentine's Day Poll in 2017. Each character on the poll was illustrated saying the response they would have to receiving chocolate. Tokugawa's line was "You mean to give this to me, Tokugawa? According to school regulations, that is…… permitted."
  • His Japanese voice actor, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, also provides the voice for Teruki Hanazawa.[5]


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