Higashio Anime


Character Info
Kanji 東尾
Romaji Higashio
Race Human (Esper)
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Sho's Resistance Team (former)
Claw (former)[1]
Manga Chapter 79
Anime Episode 21
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Higashio (東尾, Higashio) is an esper and one of Sho Suzuki's subordinates.


Higashio is an average guy with a mop of blond hair that is parted slightly down the middle. He also has lines under his eyes and a long prominent nose. Higashio wears a simple light blue shirt and dark pants.


Higashio is a loyal person, willing to follow and lay down his life for his leader, Shou, despite being older than him. He also appears to be quite logical and confident in his highly versatile abilities.


World Domination Arc

Higashio first appears with Sho, Otsuki and Fukuda as they headed out to stop Sho's father with Ritsu.[2] Later, on their way to Seasoning City's Culture Tower, they encountered Minegishi of the Ultimate 5. Telling Shou to go on, Higashio, Ootsuki and Fukuda said they'd take care of Minegishi as they began battling them.[3] Despite initially posing a challenge, Minegishi ended up defeating the three and left them for dead.[4]

However, they ended up surviving and in the manga later helped everyone in trying to take down Shimazaki. With the blind Super 5 member overwhelming them with his powerful psychic powers, Higashio fruitlessly tried to crush him with a rubble giant but the attack failed to cause any damage whatsoever.[5] After Teru managed to unsettle Shimazaki, Higashio joined in on the counterattack.[6] Despite this Shimazaki eventually took them all down until he was stopped by the timely arrival of Arataka Reigen.[7] In the anime Higashio and the others were not present during this battle.

Higashio was last seen watching with everyone else as Mob fought Toichiro Suzuki. After the battle, Sho had him rebuild the Kageyama home using his reassembly power. However, Ritsu pointed out that everything was out of place and it took some getting used to.

Powers & Abilities

Higashio's Ability
Higashio Skill
Disassembly & Reassembly
Higashio has the extremely versatile power to disassemble and reassemble materials at will.[8] Using this power he is able to create life-like human dolls (using the right materials from the fridge),[9] rearrange Minegishi's leaves and vines to create a protective net[10] and a giant golem made out of rubble.[5]


  • "Minegishi of the Ultimate 5... how about I make a doll that looks just like you?"[9]


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