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Haruaki Amakusa (天草 春明, Amakusa Haruaki) is a self-proclaimed yōkai hunter.


Amakusa is a built man who has adopted a martial artist style of dress. He has a broad face with thick dark eyebrows, large lips, a broad nose and his dark hair set in a Native Indian-esque style; a headband covers his forehead. Over a black undershirt Amakusa wears a gi, with the sleeves torn off, fastened at the waist by a large band. Over his forearms he wears gauntlet-esque items and his legs are bound by wrappings. On his back is his weapon, a sword.


Amakusa is a weird guy who tends to speak with random pauses and add emphasis to certain terms needlessly. He also likes to embellish his own actions, with Serizawa noting he surfed the Internet often despite claiming that yōkai hunters seclude themselves away from human society for years at a time.[1]


Divine Tree Arc

Arriving in Seasoning City on the trail of "Hyakki", an organisation of yōkai, Amakusa eventually found himself at Reigen's place. After waiting three hours, he eventually got time to speak to Reigen. After Reigen snapped at his strange mannerisms, Amakusa acted normally and informed them of his reasons for being in Spice City. After hearing the situation, Reigen decided to help him and, after Mob arrived, they went to look for Hyakki's HQ.

Finding a building with yōkai activity, they entered inside and soon found out that their exit had been blocked off. Proceeding deeper into the hideout they are attacked by a yōkai and Amakusa prepares to take it on but Serizawa nonchalantly destroys it. Deeper into the hideout, they are attacked by a multitude of yōkai and Amakusa's sword breaks. As he frets, Mob and Serizawa take care of all the hostiles. Being told they were using psychic power, Amakusa notes how jealous he was. He then watched as Mob took on the Great Yōkai King. He attempts to recruit Mob and Serizawa as Yōkai Hunters, but fails.

???% Arc

Powers & Abilities

Amakusa is capable of sensing the presence and activity of yōkai.[2] He isn't particularly powerful, mentioning that it took him three days to take down a single yōkai in the past.[3] Amakusa apparently channels the spirit of Mumbo Jumbo and his ancestors to enhanced his power...[4]

While he does wield a "holy sword",[5] it is unknown how proficient in its use he is.


  • "I am the... "Darkness, erm, Dwelling in... I mean, Hunter of Evil". "Yōkai Hunter" Amakusa Haruaki...!"[6]


  • The name Haruaki means "spring" (春) (haru) and "bright, light, clear" (明) (aki).
  • Haruaki's surname Amakusa means "agar-agar" (天草).


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