Hanako anime


Personal Details
Status Alive
Race Human
Esper? No
Voice Actor Dorothy Elias-Fahn[1]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Hanako (花子, Hanako) is Reigen's first client to appear in the series.


Hanako is a woman with blond hair, a large nose and lips and visible eyelashes. She wears a black long-sleeve shirt and pants in the manga. However, in the anime, her shirt is a light red. Her bangs are cut in a straight line across her head and her hair is cut at neck-length.


She is a gullible, superstitious woman whose beliefs are not swayed by scepticism.


Hanako had engaged in a sort of test of courage before coming to see Reigen; consequently, a ghost has been haunting her in her dreams. She had asked many psychics to help her and get rid of the ghost and eventually, accompanied by her boyfriend Taro, she asks for help from Arataka Reigen. She guides Reigen and Taro to the building with the ghost in question, after much scepticism about Reigen coming from her boyfriend. She recounts a tale of a man who struck his head on the ceiling of the building after seeing a cockroach, frightening Reigen. The ghost, Ceiling Crasher, haunting her appears, leading Reigen to attempt to exorcise it (unsuccessfully). Reigen calls in Mob, who exorcises the ghost in front of her.