"Idiots Only Event ~Kin~" is the fourth episode of the Mob Psycho 100 anime adaptation.


After the incident with the religious organization (LOL), the evil spirit, Dimple, keeps following Mob around. Also, because of the incident, Ichi Mezato from the school paper starts following Mob around as well. Then one day, another student joins the Body Improvement Club. Progress Towards Mob's Explosion: 45%


Tenga Onigawara and his men from Salt Middle School face Tsuyoshi Edano and his men from Black Vinegar Middle School. Tenga easily beats them, but they call Teruki Hanazawa, who then easily beats Tenga and his men.

Dimple greets Mob, who smashes him into the ground to see if he is dreaming. Realizing this is the spirit from yesterday, Mob prepares to erase him, but Dimple begs Mob to not kill him and explains he has a dream of becoming a God. He wants to team up with Mob to accomplish this goal, but as Mob is not interested and prepares to kill him, Dimple begs him not to do it and promises he won't do anything bad anymore. Mob agrees and Dimple follows him the whole day at school. Mob takes Dimple to Arataka, explaining that he is his master and he will help him decide what to do with Dimple. Dimple sees that Arataka is fake, but decides to not tell Mob. Arataka can't see Dimple and comments that he must be a really weak spirit and tells Mob to do what he wants.

Ichi Mezato speaks with Ritsu Kageyama, explaining what happened yesterday with Mob, and that they started a Psycho Helmet Religion looking for him, and wants to know more about his psychic powers, but Ritsu says that Mob's powers aren't a sideshow and then leaves. Later, Ritsu attempts to bend a spoon, but can't. On the next day, he goes to school with Mob, asking him why he doesn't use his powers more often, but Mob explains that he doesn't get opportunities and there are things he can't achieve with his powers. Dimple gets annoyed and tries to tell him he can achieve many things, but hearing that Mob wants muscles and wisdom, leaves him speechless.

Tenga approaches the Body Improvement Club and asks them to help them fight the Black Vinegar Middle School, but Musashi Goda refuses. Tenga sees Mob and forms a plan, sending a fake lover letter to Mob, who ends up believing it even though Dimple tells him it is fake and a guy wrote it. He sends a challenge message to Tsuyoshi from Black Vinegar, who go to the arranged place and see Mob and decide to take him hostage. The Body Improvement Club gets a message too, about Mob being taken hostage and they go rescue him, beating the Black Vinegar students with ease. The Black Vinegar Middle School students realize Mob was a landmine, but can't let the Body Improvement Club just walk away. They attempt to fight them, but get easily beaten. Tsuyoshi had called Teruki, who came in that moment and tells Tsuyoshi he isn't fit to be a leader. He figures Tenga's plan and make him reveal himself. Teruki then attacks Body Improvement Club and Tenga, and easily beats them using his psychic powers. Teruki then notices Mob, who also uses psychic powers to untie himself and tells Teruki that he must not use his powers for fighting other people.

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