Doubts About Youth
~The Telepathy Club Appears~
Episode 2.png
Kanji 青い春の疑問 ~脳感電波部登場~
Romaji Aoi Haru no Gimon ~Nōkan Denpa-bu Tōjō~
Episode Information
Episode 2
Manga Chapter 2, 3, 4, 56
Arc Spring of Youth Arc
Japanese 18th July, 2016
English 18th July, 2016 (sub)
19th July, 2016 (dub)
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"Doubts About Youth ~The Telepathy Club Appears~" is the second episode of the Mob Psycho 100 anime adaptation.


The Telepathy Club is told that they are going to be shut down by the student council due to a lack of members. It was then that one of the members, Inukawa, thought of possibly getting Mob to join. However, Mob gets a call from Reigen about taking care of an incident at Highso Girls' Academy...


Arataka Reigen explains to a customer that he has a digital curse from one-click porn sites, that cursed his shoulder and makes him keeps clicking and starts performing a massage. The client didn't want to pay for such a thing, but as he ends up enjoying it, he decides to continue and wants to return later. Mob wonders if it is really okay to keep living like this, but doesn't have anything else that he wants to do.

The Telepathy Club loses a member and Hikaru Tokugawa, the Student Council Vice President, immediately arrives and informs them they need to have five members until Friday, otherwise he will disband the club and give their room to a different club. Tome Kurata and the rest start looking for a fifth member, but everyone turns them down, saying their club sounds creepy. Mameta Inukawa recalls Mob wasn't in a club and calls him and Tome almost convinces him to join. Mob calls Arataka asking if he could be late and as he explains, Arataka ends up arguing with Tome for stealing Mob. Arataka manages to convince Mob to not join and before leaving, Mameta explains that he just wants to goof off and they managed to create paradise for themselves with this club. Tome explains that Mob is their last hope and he agrees to think about it.

Arataka and Mob head towards the Highso Private Girls' Academy dressed as girls, but are stopped at the gates. The guards don't allow Arataka to enter calling him a pervert, but don't realize that Mob is a boy and let him in. Mob goes to the roof, where he meets the clients, who explain that various supernatural phenomena had occurred and they go around looking for the spirit. Mob eventually traps him in the basketball hall, which makes the spirit angry, revealing himself and attempting to take a hostage, but Mob easily defeats him. The spirit explains that Mob feels like him and regrets that finally he was able to have some fun in the afterlife, but Mob defeated him. Before disappearing, he asks Mob if he is living to the fullest.

That night, Mob thinks about his life and on the next day, he decides to join the Telepathy Club. But before he fills the form, the Vice President Hikaru arrives to show the Body Improvement Club their new club room. As he sees Mob wanting to join, he starts questioning him why he wants to join a club he isn't interested in and after some thinking, Mob realizes he wants to confess to Tsubomi and improve himself. He requests to join the Body Improvement Club and they gladly accept him, shocking the Telepathy Club members.

Appearing Characters

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Mob and Reigen's errand to erase the Scent-Ghoul in the manga takes place much later, before the Urban Legends Arc (seventh arc), while in the anime it takes place during Spring of Youth Arc (first arc).
  • In the anime, Reigen's attempt to get into the school isn't mentioned in the news.


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