Inside ~Evil Spirit~
Kanji 中身 ~悪霊~
Romaji Nakami ~Akuryō~
Episode Information
Episode 16
Arc Keiji Mogami Arc
Japanese 28th January, 2019
English 28th January, 2019 (sub)
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"Inside ~Evil Spirit~" is the 16th of the Mob Psycho 100 anime adaptation, and the fourth episode of the second season.


Reigen and Mob receive a new job. This time, their client is a wealthy man named Masashi Asagiri. He's not just rich, but super rich, so Reigen and Mob head to his mansion only to find other self-proclaimed psychics there as well. One of the psychics there happens to include the president of the Rising Sun Spiritual Union, Kirin Jodo. The job is apparently to exorcise the evil spirit that is apparently possessing his daughter, Minori.

Appearing Characters

Anime and Manga Differences

  • The introduction of Jodo's lackeys is omitted.
  • Masashi showing tapes of "normal" Minori is omitted.
  • The flashback with a possessed Minori killing a doctor is omitted.
  • Mogami's death has taken place 25 years ago in the manga, while in the anime it is 4 years ago.
  • The flashback with Mogami's live program and his suicide is omitted.
  • All of Matsuo's inner thoughts are omitted.
  • Dimple's thoughts about taking over Mob's body are omitted.

Notes and Trivia


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