Character Info
Kanji エミ
Romaji Emi
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Japan Eriko Matsui
English Jeannie Tirado
Professional Status
Affiliation Salt Middle School
Occupation Student
Manga Chapter 51
Anime Episode 13
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Emi (エミ, Emi) is a student at Salt Middle School.


Anime emi

Emi's design

Emi is an ordinary looking girl with chin-length light-brown hair and short, side-swept bangs. She is normally seen wearing a Salt Middle School uniform.


Emi first appears as a questionably nice girl who shows an interest in Mob. She has an interest in books and writing novels, which she is somewhat embarrassed of.[1] However, she seems to be easily influenced by her friends and quickly interprets things others say about her negatively, even if they weren't meant that way, showing that she struggles with self-esteem. She was grateful to Mob for retrieving and restoring her writings after they were torn up.


Mob's Girlfriend Mini-Arc

After Mob froze up during his speech for the class president election, Emi asked Mob out.[2] For the next week, Mob would walk Emi home[3] as a girlfriend of sorts, during which she shared with him a novel that she was in the process of writing.

However, at the end of the week, Emi revealed that she had only confessed to him because she lost a bet she had made with her friends.[4] Soon afterwards, Mob saw her with her friends as they teased her about her written novel before ripping it up.[5] Mob asked the girls to stop desecrating Emi's novel, saying it was important since she put her effort and feelings into it.[6] Emi then helped Mob pick up the torn pieces of her novel, but after gathering a whole pile they ended up blowing away in the wind.[7] Mob used his psychic powers to retrieve the individual pieces and put the entire novel back together, revealing himself to her as an Esper.[8] From this experience she came to greatly respect Mob, and even used him as a writing inspiration for her next project.

Divine Tree Arc

Emi approaches Mob after seeing him talk to Tsubomi, Tome, and Mezato in the same day to tease him about how many girls he's been talking to lately. Her playful remarks make Mob get carried away in fantasies of being popular and having random girls on the street eye him up.


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