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Dimple (エクボ, Ekubo) is a self-proclaimed upper-class evil spirit who has aligned himself with Mob after being defeated by him.


Dimple's distinguishing features are the red circles on his cheeks, which appear on the face of any human he possesses. His usual form is that of a wispy cloud of smoke, or, according to Teru, a "nasty-looking floating energy bulb". He occasionally grows arms and rarely legs. Even in his simplest form, his human-like face looks a little too detailed, with a prominent nose and lips.


Dimple wants to be a god. Specifically, he wants to be worshipped by all humanity. Despite having that kind of ego, he didn't hesitate to put himself at Mob's mercy in the hopes of using the boy to his advantage. At first, he wanted to steal Mob's body and use it to become a god, but he eventually decided to try to make Mob a god instead.

Dimple does not consider himself "dead".


(LOL) Cult Arc

Dimple founded a cult known as "(LOL)" (originally (笑) in Japanese), a laughter-based gathering that managed to amass several dozen people in only a month. His followers bring three new people to join their cult, including Mob. The cult puts smile masks on all three people, though they don't realize these masks possess a hex that forces the wearer to start laughing. However, Mob's psychic powers prevent the hex from working on him, and he attempts to leave. Dimple stops him, telling him that he's missing out. Mob replies by saying that people define "missing out" differently. Still, Dimple persuades Mob to stay by playing a game where he and one of his smile leaders drink milk, and whoever spits out their milk first loses.

Mob easily defeats all three of Dimple's smile leaders, so the evil spirit decides to play against Mob himself. Alas, Dimple puts a substance in the milk that forces Mob to spit the milk out. Dimple claims victory, but Mob notes that what happened wasn't laughter. He unleashes his psychic powers, undoing the hypnosis the cult members were put under. Dimple quickly puts them back under his control, realizing he'll have to go all out against Shigeo. The evil spirit unleashes his full power, yet he can still not force Mob to laugh. The esper explains to Dimple that his powers can't make him laugh because he can't, even if he really wants to. Dimple mockingly smiles, realizing that Mob doesn't possess any emotions, noting that Mob said he had troubles with love and that with a personality such as his, he wouldn't be able to laugh with the girl he liked.

Dimple gives Mob one final chance, but the esper catches him off-guard by revealing his knowledge of Dimple's psychic powers. Seeing that Shigeo is a threat to his plans, he orders all his cultists to attack Mob and proceeds to exit his possessed body. Once Mob enters 100% Rage, Dimple exclaims the awe at his immense psychic power, though he remains confident that he can defeat the esper. He begins the fight with multiple punches, though Mob's barrier manages to defend himself from the evil spirit's attacks. The esper retaliates by slicing Dimple's limbs off and then striking with an energy blast. Mob then slams Dimple to the floor and puts his foot on his face, telling him this was what happened when he let his emotions show. Dimple releases himself from Shigeo's grasp and counters with a Wraither Beam. The energy beam is a direct hit, but it does no damage, and Shigeo quickly finishes the battle with a poke to the forehead, exorcising Dimple.

While it appeared that Dimple was gone for good, he managed to reform the next day and appeared at Mob's house. The esper prepares to exorcise him again, but Dimple tries to explain himself and his goal to become a god and urges Mob to team up with him to shoot for the top of the world together. Shigeo remains unconvinced, but after seeing Dimple quiver with fear and promising not to do anything terrible, the esper relents and decides to ask his master what to do. Dimple internally mocks Shigeo's soft heart, noting that he'll bide his time and wait to possess him.

Teruki Hanazawa Arc

When Teru challenged Mob to use his power, Dimple stepped in to defend Mob but was almost entirely obliterated by Teru.

Big Cleanup Arc

After recovering from being reduced to the size of a dust mite, Dimple went to the Kageyama residence. He couldn't get in due to a spiritual barrier around the house. Ritsu encountered him and accidentally let him inside. The two ended up working together.

7th Branch Arc

After Ritsu tries to start a fight with Mob and is suddenly kidnapped, Dimple joins Mob and Teru on a mission to invade the 7th branch of Claw and retrieve Ritsu. Dimple possessed a nameless security guard. Dimple got defeated by Matsuo and was subsequently captured. When he was released, he easily defeated Matsuo.

Urban Legends Arc

He possesses Banshomaru Shinra to fight The Dragger. He lasts long enough for Mob to show up and exorcise the dragger.

Keiji Mogami Arc

He joins Mob and Reigen on their job to exorcise the evil spirit possessing Minori. Once Mogami shows his true colors, Dimple recognizes him and warns Mob to run away. He tells Mob and Reigen about Mogami and his past confrontation with him, where he was almost exorcised but narrowly escaped. Dimple watches the fight between Mogami and Mob and is in awe at the evil spirit's power, dubbing him the ultimate evil spirit. When Mob explains his plan, he asks Dimple to possess his body while he's gone, shocking the evil spirit initially, though he gladly agrees. When Mogami sees that Shigeo's body is without his soul, he attempts to take it, but Dimple punches him, proceeding to brawl, though Mogami has a slight upper hand. Then, Mob uses the opening to enter Minori's body and exorcise Mogami from the inside.

Dimple waits with Reigen for Shigeo to finish the exorcism, though, after thirty minutes, he realizes that Shigeo must have lost, noting that the exorcism has taken much longer than it should have. He mulls over his remaining options, noting that while Mob's body does give him a boost in power, he cannot bring out his unbelievable powers by himself. He considers abandoning the scene, but Reigen convinces him otherwise, leading him to decide to continue manipulating Mob from the shadows. However, Dimple decides to take matters into his own hands and enters Minori's body himself.

Once Dimple enters the mental mindscape, he quickly snaps Mob out of it and reminds him of who he is. As Mob regains his memories, he watches as the esper takes on Mogami's army of evil spirits. As the battle continues and Mob enters 100% Courage, he derides Mogami for underestimating Mob and explains his unique 100% state, but soon realizes it is not the same as before, noting that he really has changed.

Mob manages to defeat Mogami, though he inadvertently releases all of his evil spirits at once. The teenage esper urges Dimple to leave and allow him to finish off the remaining evil spirits, and Dimple reluctantly agrees, leaving Minori's body and entrusting Mob with the rest.

Separate Ways Arc

Dimple remains with Mob and watches as he enjoys his time with his brother and his friends, noting how Reigen had messed up and Mob is doing fine.

Later on, Dimple encounters Reigen hiding behind a postal box, asking him why he's hiding. Reigen pretends to act as though everything is fine, and Dimple exclaims how that's a relief since Mob is doing fine on his own, greatly shocking Reigen. The con artist attempts to insult Dimple by saying that since Mob isn't working with Reigen, it gives him fewer opportunities to use his powers, meaning that Dimple would remain a middle schooler's pet. This aggravates Dimple, though he remains calm and returns to Mob, noting that they may never see each other again if everything's as cool as Reigen claims.

World Domination Arc

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Divine Tree Arc

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???% Arc

Despite the events following the Divine Tree Arc, Dimple survives due to the fact that Mob still believed Dimple survived after destroying the Divine Tree. He comes back possessing Reigen in order to give the latter the ability to have his words get to Mob.

When Reigen finally gets Mob to accept his powers and propose to Tsubomi without suppressing his powers, Dimple decides to follow Mob but is stopped by Reigen.


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Powers & Abilities

Normal Dimple

Before being defeated by Mob, Dimple was a powerful upper-class evil spirit; he had stated he had gone through hellish battles to attain his power levels.[2] He showed the ability to regenerate from damage[3], transform different parts of his body[3], and even fire laser beams from his mouth.[2] However, he was still barely a match for powerful espers such as Mob, Keiji Mogami, and Teruki Hanazawa, although the latter was when he was already significantly weakened.

After being defeated by Mob, Dimple lost much of his power but retained some of it and possessed basic psychic abilities. Dimple's main ability in this form is possessing humans and controlling them from the inside. With more power, he has also shown the ability to hypnotize and manipulate masses of people using mind signals without much effort.[4][5]

Dimple's Abilities
Possession & Hypnosis
Dimple has the ability to take over the bodies of humans. The possessed individual will appear to have Dimple's signature red cheeks and his voice. Dimple can use his host's body to its fullest potential when possessing someone and is a skilled martial artist. However, if he is hit hard enough, be it physical or psychic power, Dimple can be forcibly knocked out of the host's body. When powered up, he can also remotely influence or hypnotize many people at once.
Poltergeist Phenomenon
Dimple also demonstrated the use of telekinesis in order to manipulate objects, enhance his physical abilities and create psychic barriers.
When powered up, Dimple is able to manipulate the shape of his body at will. This includes regenerating damage or transforming his body into weapons such as claws or blades. He can also freely change from his small regular form to his humanoid combat form.
Wraither Beam
When powered up, Dimple can fire a massive laser beam from his mouth that requires a short charging time. It was a devastating attack but proved useless against Mob at 100% Rage.
Overrun Wraither Beam
A sub-technique of the Wraither Beam where the beam is split into smaller projectiles that explode on impact. It appeared to be one of his most powerful moves, though it did little against a powerful esper like Keiji Mogami.
When powered up, Dimple can deploy a thick cloud of black smoke from within his body to conceal his location. This makes it ideal for surprise attacks.

God Dimple

When Dimple fused with the Divine Tree, resulting in the creation of Psycho Helmet, Dimple's power grew to what he described as "godlike" levels. Through the Divine Tree Dimple's influence, he could hypnotize anyone who so much as touched or consumed matter from the Divine Tree. He also controlled Psycho Helmet, a powerful entity of its own, and could manipulate the matter of the Tree itself. His telekinesis became powerful enouth to lift the Divine Tree and throw it into the ocean. Dimple also got a personal power boost that increased his abilities further than even that of his original powered-up form. He was extremely excited to have this new power and came up with all sorts of specially-named attacks. With this power, his attacks were strong enough that even Mob believed they could kill him, though Dimple was still afraid of him going 100%.

God Dimple's Abilities
Dimple God Punch
God Punch / Godly Punch
A powerful punch that sent Mob flying.
Dimple God Dash
God Dash / Godly Dash
A high-speed dash.
Dimple Godly Smash
God Slam / Godly Smash
Dimple slams the target's face into the ground.
Dimple Godly Throw
God Toss / Godly Throw
Dimple hurls the target into the air.
Dimple Godly Straight
God Straight / Godly Straight
A straight punch.
Dimple Godly Beam
God Beam / Godly Beam
A superpowered Wraither Beam. Even Dimple was surprised by its destructive power.
God Barrier / Godly Barrier
A dense, circular energy barrier appears around Dimple.


  • "You're an animal who doesn't have emotions! Stop acting pissed off like a human!"[6]
  • "Wanna shake hands?"
  • "Well, if you cannot go to paradise when you die, you can always stay with me."[7]

Notes & Trivia

  • Dimple's Wraither Beam attack is a pun on the oft-used word for energy beams, the "laser beam".
  • ONE describes Dimple as preferring to be in dark, cool places during the Summer. [8]
  • In the Mob Psychic Battle mobile app, the security guard who Dimple possesses is given the surname Yoshioka. [9][10]
  • His appearance resembles Slimer from the Ghostbusters franchise.


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