Daichi Shiratori

Daichi Shiratori anime2

Daichi Shiratori

Character Info
Kanji 白鳥大地
Romaji Shiratori Daichi
Race Human (Esper)
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Relative(s) Kaito Shiratori (brother)
Voice Actor(s) Japan
English Tom Bauer[1]
Professional Status
Affiliation Awakening Lab
Manga Chapter 22
Anime Episode 6

Daichi Shiratori (白鳥大地 Shiratori Daichi) is an esper, the twin brother of Kaito Shiratori and one of the children who was invited to the Awakening Lab.


Much like his twin, Daichi wears glasses, has thick eyebrows and sports quite a dull expression. He is the twin with round, circular features.



He is the elder twin.


Big Cleanup Arc

7th Division Arc

World Domination Arc

He and Kaito scan Terada's mind. He and his brother use their powers to hide from Shimazaki.

Telepathy Club Mini-Arc

He and his brother are called by Mob to help Tome search for aliens. They inadvertently reveal Takenaka as a telepath.

???% Arc

He is seen watching ???% destroying the city, along with other Awakening Lab members.


He comes to the Reigen's birthday party.

Powers & Abilities

Daichi shares his powers with with his brother Kaito. At first he required his brother to perform any sort of psychic feats, but has since grown in power and can operate alone as well.

Daichi's Ability
Daichi shares the psychic power of telepathy and mind-reading with his twin brother Kaito. While initially only able to perfectly read each other's minds, under Teruki's tutelage they can now also read the minds of other people, though are only able to tell if they are lying or not.



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