The other members watching Mob running

The Body Improvement Club (肉体改造部, Nikutaikaizōbu) is one of the clubs running in Salt Middle School. Musashi Goda was the former club president[1] but Jun Sagawa took over as president after the 3rd years present in the club had graduated from middle school;[2] The club initially had a low number of members with a mix of 2nd and 3rd years, though in its most recent appearance, the club has a relatively large collective with the majority of the club being 1st years.[3] They shared the same club room as the Telepathy Club after which the latter was disbanded and ordered to give their club room to the Body Improvement Club. However, they allowed the Telepathy Club to stay instead and proceed their respective activities.


The Club seems to do a routine of a 5 km morning run, squats and weight lifting exercises every school day. They also have days for solitary training. This training includes enhancing their current muscle mass and celebrating their recent member Mob.

Known Members

Body Improvement Club


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