Banshomaru Shinra

Shinra Banshoumaru Fullbody S2

Banshoumaru Shinra2

Personal Details
Status Alive
Race Human
Esper? yes
Professional Details
Affiliation Sun Psychic Union
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 53
Anime Debut Episode 14

Banshomaru Shinra (森羅万象丸 Shinra Banshōmaru) is the self-proclaimed "greatest psychic of the century" and a member of the Sun Psychic Union led by Kirin Shoudou.


He is a chubby guy with black spiked hair and a round face. He wears a black long-sleeved turtleneck, light-coloured trousers, and a string of large, white prayer beads around his neck. Underneath his shirt he carries around his "psychic's manual".[1]


Banshomaru is a diligent man who takes tasks seriously and will try his hardest to solve the spiritual issues he goes through.


In elementary school he was the vice-President of the sumo club[2][3] but in middle school he joined the table tennis club.[3]


To be added.

Powers & Abilities

Shinra - Spirit Bind

Spirit Bind!

Shinra possesses some small psychic powers. Physically, even though he claims to be confident in his stamina he was left out of breath after chasing the red raincoat flasher.[3] Whilst Dimple was in control of his body, the spirit noted that he wasn't in good shape.[4] He also possesses a decent level of martial arts skill having once been the vice-President of the sumo club in elementary school.[2]

Spirit Bind:[5] A technique used to bind a spirit by entangling them in his prayer beads. Both times it was used, the technique failed to bind the target for any real period of time.[5][6]


  • (To the red raincoat flasher) "Even though I can't exorcise a flasher, I can still bring you to justice!"[3]


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