Air Whip
  • Terada's Air Whip
  • Terada's Air Whip (anime)
  • Teru's Air Whip
  • Teru's Air Whip (anime)
Kanji 空鞭
Rōmaji Karabuchi
Battle Data
Class Support
Range Mid to Long-range
Manga Chapter 35
Anime Episode 9
Teruki Hanazawa
Air Whip is the psychic technique developed by former Scar, Terada. It works by waving and controlling one's manifested psychic energy like a whip.[1] The whips have a maximum range of 60 metres and their movements can be freely manipulated.[2]

Terada discovered this method of utilising his psychic power when he was young and has developed it to the point where he can produce two psychic whips and skilfully control them simultaneously.[3] Teruki Hanazawa copied this technique and has developed it further, being able to pull out a maximum of 10 psychic whips and simultaneously control them all with a high level of skill;[3] he likens it to playing the piano.[3]

Notes and Trivia

  • According to Hanazawa, if an opponent exceeds a certain level this technique becomes useless.[3]


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