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• 3/20/2019

who thinks mogami is stronger than suzuki?

my opinion is that mogami is stronger than suzuki because mogami was absorbing souls in his years and every soul he absorb he got stronger and he was the one to bring mob to a level way beyond 100% even tho suzuki trained for twenty years i still don't think he can beat mogami well the version of mogami before he fought mob.

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• 3/2/2019
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• 1/29/2019

Here's my theory.

I think Mob is being a vessel of ???, but Mob himself has psychic powers, barely enough to control ???, but in the previous episode, I think his psychic power's are taken, NOT the ???'s, So maybe in the next episode, the ??? Will show up.

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• 1/25/2019
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• 11/27/2017

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• 12/14/2016

Mini-Arc Proposal

Hi! I was rereading (as you do) and I thought maybe chapters 92&93 should be another miniarc rather than part of Divine Tree. I feel like there's a shift in tone between these two and after the DT arc really ramps up in ch 94. Plus, formulating them this way adds a breather space which I think improves the pacing. Obviously they're related, but like with the transition from Big Cleanup to 7th Division, I think there's a distinction to be made.
Potential arc names: 'Yokai Hunting', 'Culture Festival', 'Future', 'Growth'
I like the last one, because it's also a pun. The broccoli is literally growing in the background...
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• 10/5/2016

Mob Psycho 100 English Dub Confirmed!

Hello everybody, I am Animefan850. It has been confirmed by FUNimation that there will be an English dub for Mob Psycho 100. So far the cast hasn't been announced yet, but when it does I'll be adding the English voices to the characters. The dub will be coming out sometime in the fall (here's the proof). What do you guys think about this information? Will anybody be watching the dub?
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• 9/13/2016

Rename Touichirou to Toichiro

Title. Though personally, I rather not have another "Toushirou Hitsugaya."
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• 9/6/2016

Story Arc Naming

Okay, so let's decide for real what to name these Story Arcs since people keep wanting to change them...I'm gonna leave these polls up til 5th September. If no-one has voted or there is a tie, I'll choose myself.
Polls are now closed !

Chapters 1 to 4
Spring of Youth Arc: 81.8%

Introduction Arc: 18.2%

Chapters 5 to 9
(LOL) Cult Arc: 90%

Dimple Arc: 10%

Chapters 10 to 19
Hanazawa Arc: 0%

Teruki Hanazawa Arc: 81.8%

Teru Arc: 18.2%

Chapters 20 to 33
Big Cleanup Arc: 80%

Awakening Lab Arc: 20%

Ritsu Kageyama Arc: 0%

Ritsu Arc: 0%

Chapters 34 to 50
Scar Arc: 0%

7th Division Arc: 60%

7th Division Infiltration Arc: 40%

Chapters 74 to 91
Claw Arc: 0%

Super 5 Arc: 0%

World Domination Arc: 100%

Chapters 92 onwards
Divine Tree Arc: 100%

Psycho Helmet Arc: 0%

Thus the Story Arc titles will be as follows:
Chapters 1 to 4 will be the Spring of Youth Arc.Chapters 5 to 9 will be the (LOL) Cult Arc.Chapters 10 to 19 will be the Teruki Hanazawa Arc.Chapters 20 to 33 will be the Big Cleanup Arc.Chapters 34 to 50 will be the 7th Division Arc.Chapters 51 to 52 will be the Mob's Girlfriend Mini-Arc.Chapters 53 to 58 will be the Urban Legend Arc.Chapters 59 to 67 will be the Keiji Mogami Arc.Chapters 68 to 73 will be the Separate Ways Arc.Chapters 74 to 91 will be the World Domination Arc.Chapters 92 onwards will be the Divine Tree Arc.
These Story Arc titles have now been decided so any changes made to the titles on the Story Arcs page will be classed as spam ^^To everyone who voted, thanks for your help !
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• 8/22/2016

I think that our Chapters page is completely wrong for Volumes 12 and 13.

According to the Amazon page for volume 12, ( the volume has 186 pages. Considering that this volume contains chapter 90 which is over 130 pages, it would be impossible for it to contain all the way through chapter 96. Moreover, the Amazon page for volume 13, (, says that the volume released yesterday. How could the volume have been released if none of the chapters from it have been released?
I think that the issue is that volume 12 only contained chapters 90 and 91 and volume 13 contains chapters 92 through 96. I don't want to just edit the Chapters page and just completely change it if I'm not completely sure though, but I'd like to know if anyone has actually confirmed that chapters 90 through 96 are all in volume 12.
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• 11/17/2015

Read-only scheduled, 18th November 2015

Hello everyone !
Wikia will be read-only for up to a couple of hours on the 18th November. The Wikia staff will be conducting some planned testing and maintenance during this time. Some site features such as editing, login, chat and search will have limited or no availability during this time.
The read-only time is scheduled to start around:

1:30 pm UTC (Universal time, London)
5:30 am PST (San Francisco)
8:30 am EST (New York)
2:30 pm CET (Poznan)
10:30 pm JST (Tokyo)
The Time Zone Converter can be useful to convert these to your own time zone.
The Wikia staff will try and make this quick, so hopefully it won't get in the way of your editing too much!
For updates regarding this issue or if you have any questions or problems regarding it, ask here!
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